Vivo Y33 – A Complete Smartphone With Fast Charging and Hi Fidelity Camera


If you are looking for a new mobile phone, you must go for the Vivo Y33 and Vivo Y 53 which are two very effective mobiles to consider. Both these are latest handsets in the Indian market and are quite popular with the youth as well. The two mobiles have some great features and you would not find that in any other mobile phones. The two phones have the ability to access the internet on indoor and outdoor maps which makes it more useful to the user. The Vivo Y 33 can be used to send and receive emails. The Vivo Y 53 can also browse the net. vivo y33s

Vivo Y 33 has a stunning resolution of FW 1080P and the image-processing engine of the phone is the best in this class. It has the capacity to enlarge or reduce the image according to your requirements. The text and emails can be sent in a jiffy with this amazing handset. The internal memory of this device is 16GB, which is large enough to store all the data. The Vivo Y 33s comes with multi-functional memory which comes with a Pen, USB decoder, MMS and FTP.

The camera of the Vivo Y 33s is the main camera with the good resolution of FW 1920P and it has the ability to shoot high quality images instantly. The Viva Mobile Pro camera also has the ability to capture videos with the video recorder feature. The Viva Camera also has the virtual camera functionality which helps you to view your picture and videos in the comfort of your home. The VVIO is equipped with an infrared port which allows you to connect the device to the web via wifi.

To get the best out of your Vivo Y 33, make sure you perform a proper camera setup. Connect the Y with your primary camera through the micro, USB cable. You can then connect the other two cameras through the SD card reader. The Y has an inbuilt image processing engine that can perform basic functions like recording video and taking pictures. The software of the five y33s is easy to install and boost up the speed of the device.

The built-in memory of the five y33s can store the documents and videos for further reference. The large main memory helps you save time and effort. The built-in memory of the smartphone comes with duplicate, edit, and scrub features. This high-end gadget also has an inbuilt anti-glare display feature which reduces the chances of being captured by the sunlight.

If you want to buy one, look no further as the Vivo Y 33 has been bundled with the entire VaoSuite pro inbuilt with it. The software of this smartphone also helps you create various documents with the aid of various applications. There are various online stores where Vivo y33s can be bought. So, go on and buy one now!

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